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Published by the Christian Defense League

P.O.Box 449

Arabi,Louisiana 70032

October 1987 Issue100

Page 11


One of the most interesting anti-Zionist publications we receive is the bi-language NEW RIGHT published by Romanian patriot, Constantin Burlacu. Mr. Burlacu is like many Eastern European refugees who have made their way to the United States. He is anti-Jewish, having seen how the Jews control Communist Romania.

Since Mr.Burlacu was born in 1949,the Jews haven’t been able to label him as a “war criminal”. However, his publishing the NEW RIGHT seems to have been too much for a Jew by the name of Dr.Charles H.Kremer to stomach. Dr.Kremer is the president to the Committee to Bring Nazi War Criminals to Justice. As a result of Kremer’s agitation, New York Police Commisioner, Benjamin Ward has begun an investigation of Mr. Burlacu.

In1985,Mr. Ward met with Mr.Burlacu and pictures were taken as praised the anti-Communist work being done by Mr.Burlacu.

When the Jews found out about this meeting they went into action not only to get Mr.Ward to denounce Mr.Burlacu but to investigate him.(for”war crimes”?) In a letter to Mr.Ward, Mr.Burlacu has this to say about Jews threatening his life:

“In the spring of 1985, a Jew from the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and a special agent of the state of Israel,come to my house and told me that they will shoot me if I continue to speak the truth about the Jews and occult forces. Thus, under the protection of the American authorities,the Jews have the right to kill whoever they please in this country, and I and the anti-Communists are not even guaranteed the right to freely tell the truth.”

Any of our readers who would like to show support for Mr.Burlacu can write to him and receive a copy of his open letter to Mr. Ward as well as a sample copy of NEW RIGHT which is published in English and Romanian.Letters of support for Mr.Burlacu from non-Romanian Americans would encourage him and others to keep fighting for our freedom from Jewish Communism. Our readers can obtain a copy of NEW RIGHT and a letter to Mr.Ward by writing to: New Right Box 292- Brooklyn,NY 11237

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